Friday Five

I should have included on Monday’s post that at least a solid month of blog-lessness was due to my bright idea to switch the Sassy Swan over to This is a task defined by how much easier it’s said than actually done. Between all the bugs, issues, and incompetent developers I’ve run into, this entire ordeal has turned into quite a calamity. But as I sit here with my HTML & CSS guides, a copy of ‘WordPress Web Design for Dummies’ and my dear friend Lauren on speed dial, I promise you, that in the coming weeks. You will have a  new and improved Sassy Swan site to bask in.

That is, if I don’t toss my computer out the window first.

As it’s Friday, and I’m just getting back into the swing of things, I’d like to start including some of the things I’ve been up to – 5 pictures that show my new adventures in my new (ish) city. Some will be recent, some will be not so recent, but all will be things I’ve enjoyed while I embrace my fantastic new home.

photo 4-2

A long walk with Bella around Centennial Park


photo 1-3

A little touch up to a mural in my neighborhood


photo 3-4

A lovely lunch with an even lovelier friend.(Note: the vegetable plate at Husk is AMAZING, as are their mimosas, and deviled eggs.)


photo 4-3

When given the opportunity, always order dessert. 


Champagne and Sunglasses on my front porch

Champagne and Sunglasses on my front porch

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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