Where I am Right Now

I am a firm believer that the cure to what ails you, whatever that may be, can be found in a good Netflix binge, a spoonful (or 5) of raw cookie dough and some time spent with good friends. As a runner, I should hop on my soap box and tell you how running is my therapy – how good it feels to leave your emotions behind, lace up, go run, and all that jazz. But quite frankly, this city’s humidity is stifling and early morning runs before the sun comes up just aren’t all that appealing to me at the moment. I did enough of that last summer thankyouverymuch.

So as miserably cliche as all that sounds, I’ve had my fair share of cookie dough induced food comas to know a thing or two about getting through the last few hills of am emotional roller coaster ride. Now, as I sit here with a dough-smothered spoon hanging out of my mouth reading my last blog post, I feel the need to write a post dedicated to the fantastic things about the city I’m currently in – the things I can’t get up North. All the things that make me grateful that I live where I am right now.

Like the fact that we have Pedal Taverns. Pedal-powered bars on wheels that allow you to legally drink in public.


Complete with keg taps and cup holders. Helmets are optional. For real.

The endless (and ridiculous) photo ops


I’ll be making it big any day now

I can literally walk out my door and watch a 20,000 person race taking place


And tailgate while watching all these fools run 13 or 26 miles. Really, who runs these things anyway?

Being able to watch the sunset behind a full-scale replica of the Parthenon


Because if it’s there, why not?

The beer. ALL THE BEER


With seven, count ’em SEVEN, breweries between 5 and 10 minutes from my house, it’s a wonder I’m sober as often as I am.

And that every drink you’ve ever had will taste better when sipped out of a Mason Jar:


Extra points for a bud vase and a gingham napkin with mismatched silverware.

Now if only this heat would chill out…get it??

Happy Wednesday!

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