Oak Barrel Half Marathon

Preface: I am aware this took place just under 2 months ago so this race is old news, but I did have a really great time so better late than never, right? Race: Oak Barrel Half Marathon Where:Lynchburg, TN Date & Time: … Continue reading

Looking Ahead

In case you haven’t noticed, or live in a bunker, the holidays are quickly approaching. I’m noticing more and more houses aglow with lights, and emails advertising the assorted retail sales are flooding my inbox. The mall is bedecked, the … Continue reading

End of the Radio Silence

Happy Monday! It feels nice to be back. Two blogless, twitterless, almost Facebook & Instagramless (hey, I was taking a break not purging myself) can be kind of a relief for my over-stimulated soul. I wish I could say that … Continue reading

Marine Corps Marathon

I knew that it would hurt. I knew that even after all the preparation – the determined months of 4 am wake up calls, runs so hot I would almost faint, a social life sacrificed in the name of training, all … Continue reading