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Happy Friday! The majority of this week was spent in the sticks up at my parent’s house so I was able to soak up some solitude, starry nights, and work on my golf swing a bit. When I wasn’t relaxing or trying not … Continue reading

Tennessee Sippin’ Yams

Happy Monday! I am officially in the holiday mode around here! Sure, my only Christmas decoration consists of holly covered paper towels, but beggars can’t be choosers whilst living out of boxes. Decor aside, lets not pretend the holidays aren’t … Continue reading

Tailgate Friday: Chocolate Dipped Plantain Chips

Allow me to offer you some friendly Friday advice: Never go into a grocery store hungry. This is obvious and yet for someone with what seems like a bottomless runners stomach, nearly impossible Never EVER go into Trader Joe’s without … Continue reading

Tailgate Friday: Pumpkin Beer Muffins

A happy, happy Friday to you! I hope you all have some lovely plans for this weekend. Me? I’m running a half marathon over in Nashville tomorrow morning (my first since June) and then spending the weekend at my parent’s … Continue reading

Tailgate Friday: Chicken Wing Roll

Happy Friday! As you may not know my dear, sweet Volunteers got clobbered last week by a certain #2 ranked team clad in particularly hideous uniforms. But of course one little loss isn’t going to get me down! Far from … Continue reading

Tailgate Friday: White Chocolate Blondies

I have found, as I get older, that the nostalgic pang of childhood memories come flooding back whenever I step foot in my parent’s kitchen. I distinctly recall spending countless evenings with my mom in front of her yellow Kitchen … Continue reading

S’more Ice Cream Sandwiches

You know what I love? These stupid things: You know what else I love? Turning complicated things into easy ones. Case and point, this recipe. It seems that when I sit down to come up with a fun new recipe … Continue reading