{8-6-5} Guide to Knoxville, Part I

Last weekend, after the Turkey and stuffing and all the pie, I found myself back in Knoxville tying up some loose ends. With the holidays quickly approaching and a multitude of new-city adjustments to make, there’s no way of telling … Continue reading

One Year Later

Happy Friday! Hopefully everyone has their Super Bowl plans together and will be enjoying a fun weekend ahead. Of course, there is another very important holiday coming up on Saturday -tThe oh-so-thrilling Groundhog Day! Silly old Punxsutawney Phil will scoot his … Continue reading

Super Bowl Roundup

There’s a buzz ’round town that the Super Bowl time is upon us yet again. Alas, this means little to me for two reasons: 1. I don’t care all that much for pro football (I’m more of a college football … Continue reading