Tailgate Friday: Pumpkin Beer Muffins

A happy, happy Friday to you! I hope you all have some lovely plans for this weekend. Me? I’m running a half marathon over in Nashville tomorrow morning (my first since June) and then spending the weekend at my parent’s … Continue reading

Tailgate Friday: Chicken Wing Roll

Happy Friday! As you may not know my dear, sweet Volunteers got clobbered last week by a certain #2 ranked team clad in particularly hideous uniforms. But of course one little loss isn’t going to get me down! Far from … Continue reading

Tailgate Friday: Peach Mango Vol-garita

Happy Friday! Like I could get more than two weeks into Tailgate Friday and not introduce a new cocktail. In fact, it’s a wonder I made it this long… As it is still hot hot hot in K-town, an icy … Continue reading