Summer Favorites

Happy Friday!

The coincidence that the first day of Summer also falls on a Friday this year gives me an extra reason to celebrate the end of this week.

Summer is by far my favorite season. It’s all long days, warm nights, and Lake days. Sweaty Coronas topped with a lime wedge,  corn on the cob slathered in butter, and everything goes on the grill. Ah, I can practically smell the citronella already.

So today, I give you my Summer Favorites:

This view: Lake View

This food: Grilled Goodness

These ridiculous sunglasses that I can’t get enough of: A steal at Forever 21 for $5.80


Found online here

A go-to dress that looks good over a bikini or paired with some wedges

Found online here

Another steal at Old Navy for $15.00 – I’m all about a good bargain this Summer

And these fun board shorts I ordered for J through Rue La La:

Vineyard Vines Blue Fish Print Boardshort

Fishy Business!

A tasty and refreshing cocktail:


Recipe Here

And let’s throw in another cocktail for good measure…


Recipe Here

An early morning run, right before the heat gets the best of you:


My Summer Reading list: Summer Reading List

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend and an even more wonderful Summer! What are some of your Summertime favorites?


3 thoughts on “Summer Favorites

  1. This post definitely made me a little envious of your lake times. My summer favorites are definitely BBQ’s, golf in 100 degree desert heat, pool times, beach times and my newfound love, trail running at sunset. Not on the list, waking up before the sun rises on the weekends to get in my long runs for marathon training…f that noise!

  2. Ahh corn on the cob. So delicious, especially loaded with butter. Love love! I have a tendency to lose/break sunglasses so usually every summer I go stock up on like 6 pairs of some I like at Forever 21! Those are so cute!

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